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24 01, 2019

The benefits of playing music

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Playing and studying music is one of those profound disciplines that benefits you so much, that it makes you become a better person and a more important person of society. The benefits of learning an instrument and playing music pieces, has widely been proven by numerous studies and dedicated musicians, teachers, mentors and counsellors for decades. Music is beneficial on many levels for any person who studies an instrument with commitment over a period of time. Studies shows, that learning an instrument helps students to understand many other aspects of life. Playing a musical piece is easy but to play it convincingly requires emotional input from the player. This aspect of handling, accepting and putting emotional value into something we create will help the student to understand the outcome of true commitment. Students will then understand that commitment and making true efforts pays off in other subjects in school and when working with assignments. Your child will realise its own personal potential. Students will start to connect with themselves on a profound level by using the instrument. Improvising music will help students to learn how to use their mind, how to develop their creativity, how to be a person who can operate under pressure and still come out okay. The benefits of playing and learning an instrument:   You are learning how to get in touch with yourself You [...]

29 04, 2017

App keep families relaxed and boost children’s confidence

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Why did we create Bear In Mind - and why is this app important? We have experienced many times that children are missing out on opportunities, appointments, and experiences - like a school concert, sports day or field trip, - because they forget their sheet music, instrument or sportswear. Children could get ill because they forget their lunch, asthma inhaler or allergy medicine at home. Ready for school in the morning Many children also have to leave their home on their own in the morning (or in the afternoon) because the parents leave for work earlier, and often the children are alone at home when they get back from school Children can easily forget their sportswear for sports in the afternoon or forget their chores. Maybe they forget an important paper slip for a school excursion, forms or missing an important assignment deadline. Our mission with Bear In Mind We want to make everyday life easier by making both children and parents confident that Bear In Mind will remind them of their commitments. It will also keep parents relaxed at work, knowing that Bear In Mind will remind their children and teenagers of the next important task on their to-do list. This app will have a positive impact on the whole family by improving their quality of life. The app will help families to stay relaxed and to avoid [...]

14 04, 2017

Bear In Mind is a 4 star rated reminder app and To-Do list for children on CommonSenseMedia

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Bear In Mind app has already been reviewed by Common Sense Media. They awarded the app a 4* review as reminder app for children. Have a look at the  review on CommonSenseMedia   About Bear In Mind Bear In Mind is an easy-to-use reminder app and To-do list for children and teenagers. It features a daily morning alarm, a daily task list, alarm reminders on tasks, unique ringtones and users can make quick calls. You can even create your own VIP contact list with photos and call directly from the app.   Why is Bear In Mind different and important? The app is designed to be a quick, fun and effective reminder app that boost children’s self-confidence and help them avoiding tricky situations when they forget about important opportunities and commitments. The app is available on App Store and soon for Android. It's important to spread the word about this app, to improve the life of kids with busy schedules today. www.bearinmind-app.com.   Please share this post with your friends and family!   [socialpug_share]  

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