To Do list App with morning alarms and task reminders

Bear In Mind is an easy to use and intuitive To Do list and reminder app. Its design creates a positive user experience, and its features keep you focused on daily tasks.

Setup takes minimal time, and setting reminders even less.
Just choose a reminder day and pick a task, set the ringtone and you are ready for the day.

Want to make a call? Easy, just do it from the Bear In Mind app. All you have to do is create your contact list and make a quick call. You can even personalize your contact list by taking a picture or selecting an existing image from your photo library.

We just made it even easier to keep on top of your schedule, by allowing you to call your friends, family, or even the music teacher, to say you will be a bit late.

Reminder app with To-Do list and reminders on tasks, morming alarn, weekly repeat on task reminders

Now Available on App Store for iPhone

Android version is coming soon

List of features

  • Morning alarm:
    After the morning alarm wakes you, today’s tasks will be shown on the screen
  • Simple overview:
    Tick of each task, as you complete them
  • Easy setup:
    Quick and easy to enable/disable tasks, alarms, reminders and weekdays
  • Positive:
    When all tasks for TODAY are done, you receive a happy, positive boosting message
  • Weekly alarm: Enable a weekly alarm for each task, to fit with your timetable and after-school activities
  • Reminders:
    Choose up to 2 reminders for each task
  • 28 defined tasks:
    Choose from 28 predefined tasks or create your own custom tasks
  • Images:
    Select an image from the application, your gallery, or take a photo

 App with easy overview - reminds you of your medicine, epipen, insulin, set house alarm and many other tasks.

Reminder app that reminds you about medicine, epipen, insulin, bloodsugar, feed the dog and many other tasks.

Choose from 28 predefined tasks or create your own custom tasks
 - Bear In Mind reminder app

Reminder app - to do list with languages in English, Japanese, Danish, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German and Hindi

  • No user registration:
    No hassle with user registration or creating accounts
  • Works offline:
    Fully functional when offline
  • Easy calls:
    Create your own VIP contacts with images for quick calls
  • Enable/disable:
    Your reminders for Mondays, Tuesdays etc. are repeated weekly, until you change or disable them
  • Music and ringtones:
    35 unique sounds and alarms to choose from including excerpts from live recorded musicians
  • Customize reminders:
    Change the ringtone and time of reminders. Use the reminder once or enable weekly repeat
  • Customize alarm:
    Customize the morning alarm for every single day of the week. Change the ringtone and time of alarm. Use the alarm once or enable weekly repeat
  • Languages in app:
    English, Danish, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Japanese or Chinese

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In this video, we will show you how to set up a couple of tasks and a contact.  This video does not show the ‘weekdays’ screen or how to make a custom task.

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Android version of Bear In Mind App is coming soon

Android version of Bear In Mind App is coming soon

Coming soon for Android


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